Arcturus, keeping you safe, navigating the unknown.

Here at Arcturus, our vision is that all people, wherever they are, have the right to stay safe. We are an advanced technology company focused on understanding the unknown physical dangers in public safety.

We use the power of next-gen intuitive technology, to keep people informed, connected, and safe from harm through our platform Orion.

Orion delivers decades of understanding dangerous events, logistical physical risk and personal safety at your fingertips, making our vision a reality and empowering people to safely make it home.


Explorers have used the Orion constellation for thousands of years to guide themselves home.

Orion is the future of understanding physical danger, dangerous events and public safety, through our easy to use platform. Designed by Arcturus, this solution is at your fingertips, as our truly modern global platform is powered by the collective knowledge of those invested in logistical personnel safety.

SOS Emergency Signalling

Orion’s SOS functionality is designed to supplement or replace outdated and uncoordinated methods of crisis response with a single turn-key solution.
Arcturus Intelligence platform Orion and the Orion SOS Notification

Push Notifications

Arcturus Intelligence platform Orion and the Orion Notification
Users receive real-time alerts on their phones and other smart devices when threats are reported in their area.
Arcturus Intelligence platform Orion and the Orion Notification

And so much more.

Reports, Groups, Map Filtering, Analytics & Newsfeed

We’re here to help support you by using the power of data and technology to keep your people informed, connected and safe.

Arcturus was founded by former elite military, government personnel and Harvard researchers.

Our team has decades of experience in national security, counterterrorism and software engineering. We hail from the British Green Beret units, American National Security Agency, Israeli Defense Force, Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania and Apple Inc. We are a distinctive outfit and are dedicated to ensuring our partners’ safety and equanimity.

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